Haddy's God Time....
a couple dreams
(2011-05-14, 4:11 p.m.)
I dreamt life was going on as usual. I was in a bus with a bunch of other people when suddenly there was just chaos everywhere and vehicles were crashing into other vehicles. I was sitting up in the front so I could see all the mass accidents happening all at once. I saw a fire engine spiralling towards us and the bus driver was slumped over dead before the fire engine got to us. He had his leg over the thingy to open the door so it was kinda jammed shut, but I managed to pull his leg off and open the door just in time to get all all the people out. although the bus did slam into the front window I had the people out just in time. I remember looking all around me and I was amazed by all the chaos and accidents happening and then I looked off into the sky to the right and I saw a large portal that was all lit up and I knew the rapture was about to take place.

Had a dream we were all in our beds getting ready to go off to sleep the alarm system was set for the night. All of a sudden I could hear one of my kids talking to some people in the kitchen. They were what looked like people but I knew they weren't. and they were taking all our food out of our fridge and cubboards and using some kind of barcode gun and running it over the barcodes of each item. They kept saying they were Jesus and that were saving us from something to come. I knew they were demons disguised (and they had this fake light almost as if mimicking what angels of light look like). They had appeared inside our house without opening the door and setting off the alarm. I remember saying to one of my kids,"this is what I was talking about before it won't be long the rapture is coming maybe even tonight." I told the demons they were not Jesus, and then they disappeared right in front of my eyes. And then I noticed one of my children missing and somehow I knew the rapture was starting and that these demons were going to explain our disappearing by saying they were aliens and they had to dispose of us Christians because we weren't evolving and wouldn't abide by the new safer food bar coding that was going to be mandatory if we wanted to eat. They told me they were doing it for us to help us out.